Spinal Treatment .


Back pain or backache or commonly called as Low back ache is a very common problem affecting many of us. So you have come to the right place, Dr. Amit Bindal Sr. Neurosurgeon at Bindal clinics, Meerut is back pain specialist doctor in this region.

A study suggest that nearly 75-80 % of the adults will suffer from low back pain or lower back pain once in a life time and find out for lower back pain doctor. It is the cause of enormous suffering of mankind. We do empathies with the patients suffering of back pain, hope they get spine problem treatment asap.

Here we will analyse the various causes of back pain and suggest you the best doctor for waist pain, their prevention, diagnosis and management of the same by the best doctor for lower back pain.


Back pain or lower back pain hip painis only a symptom and we have spine problem treatment. It is not a disease in itself. It signifies that there is some disease in the the various structures of the back

The most common cause of back pain include

1) Muscular Causes : Muscular causes are the most common reason for Low back pain. Any physical stress, undue stretching, sudden jerk, or awkward sitting posture can lead to pain in back.

All these are common causes of back pain and are benign. This means they are not serious and easily treatable with medicines and physical therapy

Posture correction is a very important step in treating these types of pain. We shud sit straight back on a firm chair with straight back support

2) Vertebral causes : Any problem in the vertebral column can lead to pain in back. These causes include Lumbar Spondylosis ( age related degenerative changes ), fracture of spine, infections like spinal tuberculosis (spinal T.B), vertebral body tumors like multiple myeloma, etc all are curable by the best back pain doctor in meerut.

3) Herniated lumbar disc or slip disc : it is a very common cause of back pain. The pain due to slip disc can be localized to back only or may be associated with sciatic pain ie pain going down one hip or down the one leg up to feet. This is called Sciatica.

4) Spondylolysthesis : When one vertebra slips over theother vertebra more tha the normal limits , it is called spondylolisthesis . when unstable , there is progression of slippage in movements of the back causing pain.

5) Spinal tumor : tumors in the spinal cord are sometimes present with back pain along with weakness of the lower limbs and bladder bowel disturbances.

Whenever a patient presents in the OPD a complete history and physical examination is done by Dr. Amit Bindal, Sr. Spine Surgeon at Bindal Clinics, Meerutto know the cause of pain. Sometimes when the diagnosis is not clear MRI and XRAY of the spine are done. These investigations helps in arriving at a diagnosis and to know the cause of pain to the best spine speciaist in meerut.

Sometimes CT scan of the spine is necessary to see the bony detail.  Dynamic XRAY of the spine in flexion and extension can help in to diagnose instability in the spine in cases of spondylolisthesis.

Treatment and management
The treatment of back pain is dependent on the cause of back pain.

Slip Disc :  The neurosurgeon will try treat with medicines and physical therapy along with rest and modification of  the physical activities . Sometimes the pain is not relieved even after all the efforts . In these cases  surgery has to be done.

Muscular causes  management starts with reast, medicines, physical therapy and posture correction. For a long term relief a well designed program under aphysiotherapist must be started to strengthen back muscles.

Other cause like spinal T.B or tumors are treated with medicines or surgery as required.

Sir, I have back pain which frequently recurs again and again
This may be due to muscular causes or recurrent disc problems. for this we must take care to strengthen our back muscles. The steps will include regular and daily   brisk walk, spinal exercises , yoga and other measures to condition back muscles.
Weight reduction is a very important step to treat recurrent back pain.

Sir what is the correct method of sleeping in the bed
First of all , the mattress must be firm and not very soft.  Home made thin cotton mattresses are ideal.  The bed should be hard. we should take a thin pillow. We can sleep in any posture we are comfortable with.

What is correct posture of sitting in chair during studying.
The chair shud be firm with a firm straight back. we should always study on a table chair with optimum height. a thin pillow may be kept between back and back rest for comfort.

In doubt always consult a qualified and able neurosurgeon or doctor for spine surgey like Dr. Amit Bindal, Sr. Spine Surgeon at Bindal Clinics, Meerut for the diagnosis and management of your back pain.