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Cervical Pain

Cervical Pain

Cervical Pain - Pain in neck or the cervical pain is a very common problem. Many patients suffer from it. To find out cervical specialist near me, you should contact Dr. Amit Bindal, Sr. Spine Surgeon at Bindal Clinics, Meerut for cervical pain treatment.

In this article we will concentrate on the causes, main symphomatic features and management of cervical pain.

What are the common causes of Pain in Neck?  The cause of pain can be devided into:
1. Muscular pain - like strain, stress, due to over stretching orneck shoulder and arm pain or any kind of physical stress. Sometimes sleeping in a very awkward position or sudden jerk during bathing can lead to severe pain in neck, immediately you should contact cervical treatment doctor or cervical pain doctor in meerut. It also leads to restriction of movement of neck. This is call torticollis or why neck or cervical vertebrae pain. Sometimes long working hours or computer screen can also lead to pain in neck and you might need degenerative cervical treatment. Prolonged reading in awkward posture or reading while lying down in bed can also lead to strain in neck or resultant pain in neck and you might require mild cervical treatment.

The most modern cause of neck pain is prolonged use of smart phones for its treatment you should contact cervical pain specialist. While using smart phones, the neck is maintained in a position where head is slightly bent down looking at phone screen. This leads to increase in physical stress and execution of neck muscles and muscles of the upper back, this leads to continious pain in neck and upper back. This is called text Neck.

In fact the above mentioned muscualr causes are hte most common causes of neck pain. This means these are benign causes or not so serious causes and can be easily treated. Mainly by muscualar strengthening and physical therapy along with medicines.

2. Skeletal or Vertebral causes - Most common cause among these is cervical spondylosis, so what is cervical spondylosis?  Its an age related degenerative changes in spine that occur in our cervical spine as our age progresses. These changes are call cervical spondylosis. These changes include Ostcophytes, disc prolapse or ligament hypertrophy. All these changes causesprogresive compression of nerves in the cervical spine causing pain in neck or shoulders or down one arm.

3. Prolapsed Disc - Disc prolapse or cervical slip disc can lead to pain in neck or radicular pain down one arm.

4. Ligamental Hypertrophy or cervical canal stenoris - this causes compression of nerves and pain in neck.

5. Spinal Tumor - these kind of tumors compresses the nerves and causes pain. They can also lead to weakness of both upper and lower limbs due to compression of nerves.

6. Tuberculosis of cervical spine - this leads to puss formation and and edema of nevrces causing pain.

7. Fracture of cervical spine due to trauma - sometimes due to road accident or trauma fracture of spine can occur causing pain.

8. Verlebral Bony Tumors of the spine.

Diagnosis - Whenever the cervical pain or pain in neck becomes troublesome, consult a competent and able neurosurgeon. He will properly asses the problems and examine the patient to reach a diagnosis.

Diagnostic Tests -
1. X-Ray of Cervical spine is done for the primary asessement of spine and gross abnormalities. 
2. MRI of the cervical spine - It is the diagnostic test of choice to asess the pathology of cervical spine and diagnosis of cervical pain. It clearly dileneates the anatomical details of nerves, discs and various structures to reach a diagnos. 
3. CT Scan of cervical spine - to know more details of bony anatomy. 

Treatment - Treatment of the pain will depend on the cause of the pain. Most commonly muscular causes of pain can be easily managed by medicines and physical therapy.cervical vertebrae pain Posture correction is very important part of treatment. Restriction of Smart phone use to prevent 'Text Neck' is very important. Regular excercises including aerobics, cervical isometric excercises and shoulder shrugs are necessary for proper maintenance of health of cervical spine.

What type of pillow used in patients with cervical pain ?
Thin pillow should be used that would keep the spine in neuteral position while in lying down position. A specially designed cervical pillows is best for the purpose. Looking for dr. for cervical treatment yes, please contact Dr. AmitBindal, Sr. Spine Surgeon at Bindal Clinics, Meerut.