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Anyone can develop epilepsy disorder which is more common in males. In this disease, person unusual behavioral, seizures, loss of consciousness, and sensations. This problem can be seen in small children or generally in older adults or males than females. The issue of fits can be seen in the person. If you are looking at the best doctor in Meerut for seizure disease treatment, then you must see Dr. AMIT BINDAL or Dr. MANISHA BINDAL. They have treated people with epilepsy disease for long and have vast knowledge and experience in epileptic seizure treatment.

Fits and seizure treatment are very critical and requires considerable experience. So if you need the best doctor in Meerut, you must visit BINDAL CLINICS. 

What is Epilepsy?

When brain functions perform functions abnormally, Epilepsy is very common and is one of the 4th most disorders. Epilepsy and seizure are both the same things. If you have a severe epilepsy problem and you are looking best epilepsy doctor in Meerut or best doctor for fits in Meerut, then you must go the Senior doctor for Epilepsy Dr. BINDAL at Bindal Clinics. He is one of the best fits doctor Meerut. For the best nason ke doctor and dimag ke doctor contact him.

Symptoms of Epilepsy 
Since Epilepsy is related to the central nervous system, it can cause abnormality to any part of the body, or we can see the changes in persons behavioral like 

General confusion in which people are not able to figure out simple daily things and creates confusion 

Uncomfortable movement of the muscle. Sometimes we see shaking hands or legs in which a person is not doing it purposely. 

Consciousness is getting lost. Many times people are not able to keep the awareness of the surrounding activity i.e., losing his/her knowledge and awareness of other psychic symptoms like drowsiness, fear, anxiety. 

It is advisable don't take such conditions casually. If you are facing such problems regularly, you must consult with a doctor and should have epileptic seizure treatment and take some mirgi medicine treatment. 

When is the high time to visit the doctor? 
● If you have a seizure that stretches to more than five months, then you should visit the doctor for epilepsy and seizure treatment. 
● When you face any breathing problems frequently, then you should visit the doctor to check whether you need Epilepsy and seizure treatment or not. 
● When you start meeting persistent and confusion on simple things that you can never have, you need to see the doctor. 
● If you sustain any injuries during a seizure.
● When you get the first seizure or diabetes or pregnant. 

Types of Epilepsy 

Focal seizures
It would be best if you had Focal epilepsy treatment when an activity is limited to the part of the brain hemisphere. 

There are two types of focal Epilepsy -

●     Focal Seizure treatment with retained awareness 
Focal Seizure treatment with retained knowledge earlier used to be known as simple partial seizures. These effects on the particular path of the brain and can cause both physical and emotional impact on a person. Out of 100 epilepsy cases, 60 is of focal seizure. A focal seizure can cause emotional, behavioral changes, and can make you feel, see, or hear things that are not real.

● Other generalized seizure

  1. Tonic-clonic seizures: The effects are very noticeable like these seizures can stiffen your body, jerks, and shakes, and sometimes you even lose consciousness.
  2. Clonic seizures: you have sometimes seen that many older adults keep shaking their hands or legs because of clonic seizures 

Treatment of Epilepsy 

●     Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy treatment. This is a kind of drug which is generally suggested for patients. The main focus of the therapy is to render the patient seizure-free without any medication side effects. Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy treatment is a lifelong treatment. 

● Anti epilepsy drugs (AEDs) can be used to cure Epilepsy. These medications are very useful and 70% of top neurologist Meerut suggest these. There are many types of AEDs and prescribed according to age, type of seizure you have. So when you see some problems of Epilepsy, don't take medicines of your own you need to search the best neurosurgeon Meerut. 

●     Brain surgery treatment can be done to remove the infected part of the brain, causing Epilepsy. Brain surgery treatment is generally performed when you asleep or given anesthesia. In the surgery for small epilepsy part of the brain is removed which is affecting the brain 

●     Surgical treatment of Epilepsy.  In this brain, surgery for Epilepsy is performed in which a small device of the body is chopped to stop epilepsy signals. Epilepsy surgery needs care and attention. 

● Another epileptic seizure treatment is Vagus nerve stimulation is very similar to a pacemaker in which small electrical device underneath your chest skin. If you are looking for a doctor for Epilepsy, then you have to for a piece of knowledge and senior doctor. 

● Diet plans can also be part of epilepsy and seizure treatment. The ketogenic diet is generally described to those who have epilepsy issues. In this diet, you have to slow down the intake of carbohydrates and protein and increase the absorption of fats. These are generally advisable to small children 

Side effects of epilepsy treatment 
The drugs used to slow down or cure Epilepsy are very strong, and the side effects occur according to dose, age, type of medication, length of treatment, and other things. Side of epilepsy treatment can be 
● Generic, nonspecific, and dose-related side effects occur because the procedure is related to the nervous system of the body, which includes double vision, fatigue, unsteadiness, and upset stomach problems. 
● Idiosyncratic side effects are like skin rashes, low blood pressure cell counts, and liver problems. 
● Unique side effects can be hair loss, swelling in gums, etc 

Before taking medicine, you need to discuss with the doctor who will guide you well so that you do not come in contact with such side effects. There is very few best doctor for fits in Meerut. To get one of the best treatment treatments for fits, then you should visit famous neurologist Meerut Senior DR AMIT BINDAL at BINDAL clinics. He will find out all the epilepsy symptoms and treatment for you.